400D buying enquiry.

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Hey guys, i need some buying advise. I've recently sold off my prosumer fuji 6500fd at a good price in which to fund my next purchase, most probably the EOS 400D. Although i'm pretty set on a Canon system, i have some questions regarding the purchase.

1. Should i get the kit I/II with the body? Thinking of just getting the body plus the new 18-55mm IS and the maybe later the 55-250mm IS and a 50mm prime when budget permits. Is this a decent 'plan'? I'm pretty used to the 28-300mm range i had in my previous camera.

2. 2nd hand? 2nd hand bodies are at most 200 bucks cheaper, but i don't know how worth it is this $200 bucks saved on a 400D body. I mean for a DSLR first timer, i could spend it on a dry cabi and a battery grip right.

Your help is much appreciated :)



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Aug 16, 2004
1. the new 18-55mm IS has got good reviews of it's performance. i'm tempted to get that lens as well... :bsmilie: well.. especially when budget comes into the matter, you can always decide which lens you really want later to cover the rest of the range.

2. warranty, condition and price of the 2nd hand 400d would be the factors to consider whether you'll get a new or 2nd hand 400d. i see no problem if u were to save that $200 for a really low shutter count, very good condition and warrantied 400d.

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