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Couldn't think of where to put this picture so I shall let the critique corner do its worst, I suppose. Quite possibly gimmicky but I had an idea of putting this in a picture frame as a 4 panel piece.

The ceiling belongs to Millenia Walk and I just envisioned this slow fade into reality.




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Jan 19, 2004
Quite like your idea of using image editing to make something that is ordinary go through the transition from the drawing board to reality process. However, there are a few minor issues I have with your picture.

(1) The second frame on top row and the first frame on bottom row look similar. Your picture may look tighter and more concise if you drop off the first frame on the bottom row altogether.

(2) Viewing picture should not be like viewing of comic, where the viewer finish seeing the first row, then move down to the second row. Try to limit the viewer's point of view to align with your point of view. Put everything down as one row.
Better still, move away from the standard landscape photograph dimensions and adopt a more pano-like dimension image.

(3) Minor details for digital imaging considerations, like <referring to the second frame on top row> "why should there be shadows behind the pillar on a supposedly painting, while the shadows don't appear anywhere else?" or <referring to the first frame on top row> "why are the lines of the line drawing inconsistent, with bolder line below and thinner line above?"

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