3rd Singapore International Photography Festival 5th Oct to 17th Nov 2012

SIPF 2012

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Sep 29, 2012
We are back!
In a blink of an eye, or should I say in the click of a shutter, the 3rd Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) is back to present you with the best experience of photography.

As much as we believe in a single magic moment when a photo is captured, nothing in the 3rd SIPF is coincidental or accidental. Back when we were planning for the inaugural SIPF in the year 2008, there were many fantastic ideas that had to be shelved due to the lack of manpower and resources, but these ideas were never forgotten. We are excited to say that the 3rd SIPF is when some of them will see the light of day; many of the new programmes and initiatives that we are rolling out this year have been in the pipeline right from the very beginning.

Our first education programme "Conversation with the Black Box" is one of them. It is a programme designed for upper secondary and tertiary students, aimed to guide them in understanding and appreciating a photograph from different points of view, and to form their own opinions through critical thinking. With the education programme, SIPF hopes to help shape a future audience who embrace and consume photography with a level of understanding and appreciation. The programme consists of guided tour with education booklet and hands-on activities.

Another initiative that we have uncovered is the HOP (House of Photography), our ambitious endeavour to bring the best experience of photography basics to the community. The HOP is a photography education space converted from a shipping container to resemble a dark room, and it will travel around Singapore for a period of two years so everyone will have an opportunity to access it. Photography is already a part of our life in every imaginable way, from handy phone cameras to the thousands of images available at our fingertips online. With the HOP, we have come full circle by reintroducing the beginnings of photography to the community.

Not forgetting the young professionals, SIPF has collaborated with the prestigious Magnum Photos Agency to guide and nurture the next generation of young professionals through months of online discussion and critique sessions, followed by a 5-day in-person workshop in Singapore. This is the beginning of many more good things to come... In month of October, look out for the landscape workshop by Italian photographer Andrea Botto and A Photo Book Project conducted by German photographer & book designer, Kai-Olaf Hesse.

The Festival is most meaningful and rewarding for us when we see people actively engaged in photography through SIPF. This time around, we have no less than 55 exhibitors, 28 presenters,15 film screenings, 6 professional programmes and 6 weekend activities. We have filled the 3rd SIPF to the brim with what you've come to know and love, and also the new and exciting to let you experience photography in the most brilliant ways.

Visit the festival site or pick up the Festival flyer at all public libraries starting 3rd October.


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