3rd party brand full frame mirrorless camera may be an alternative Pentax FF solution


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Dec 8, 2010
Just read this article,
Sony unveils NEX-VG900 full-frame camcorder, VG30 APS-C model and 18-200 lens: Digital Photography Review

a full frame interchange system camcorder with short flange length, which allow adapt any full frame SLR lens on it. (even rangefinder lens)

I think that saying is coming true, "make a camera that can change mounts, so one can use Canon, Nikon, Pentax, or any brand lens on it."

Although it is a camera recorder, but a camera system would come soon, I guess, you are not limited to a choice of single brand for body and lens, a true system camera, you can choose body, back, viewfinder and lens from any manufacturer to make a unique camera to use and fit your needs.

then, if Sony, Fuji or Samsung make a full frame mirrorless interchange camera, then we can also take advantage of all the good pentax full frame lens.

As sony RX1 is out, I think the day is coming soon.

By the way, to shoot full frame digitally with pentax lens, there is currently only one solution (without damaging or modifying either camera or lens),

pk to M adapter, focus by distance scale though as this camera doesn't support live view.


as M10 is coming (rumor with live view function), M9 is dropping price in 2nd market,

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Oct 28, 2008
If you can buy a M9 to shoot FF, you can buy a summicron. As good as or probably better than the FA limiteds. And you can focus properly with the rangefinder. Best bet is Sony coming out a FF Nex next year and you can adapt all sorts of lenses to it....

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