3D Garden

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May 11, 2005

Waiting to get bang, wearing bullet proof vest now. :sweat:

umm... maybe you want to add more about what you are trying to convey.

technically speaking-
blown highlights (maybe the range is too much for the camera, need multiple exposure)
shallow DOF. you should have used something like f5.6 atleast, instead of f2.8 for this shot.
tilted frame. it appears that you need a minor clockwise rotation on this image.

there is a lack of focus. you could have shifted in either direction to capture the water or the path, right now it is neither here nor there.
the tree in the centre is distracting, especially because it is blown and oof.

please dont take this badly. a large percentage of my shots are also like this :cry:.
i am trying to shoot at a much slower pace, try to compose the same scene in atleast 3-4 different ways before pulling the trigger. i am also learning by viewing the histogram after shots and taking multiple shots of the same scene if required. i have found these techniques useful in obtaining better shots. i hope it helps :)

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