32nd season of Weight Loss Cafe. Its turkey time of the year again

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erh... wah.. u all talk very fast for me to catch up lar..

reno didnt bully me just no time for anything online.. :cry:

laptop need to return to my dad to use and i dont have online access for the time being..

old pc screw up liao.. need to find a friend to help me to DIY my old pc.. budget constraint also :cry:

anyway, got to go.. super tired until cant open eyes..

nice knowing u all.. if got chance we will meet up..

will want to bully reno more often :bsmilie:

and getting mixed up on soma preference... :bsmilie:
soma preference is always mixed


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Aug 13, 2005
ho... you know nude ballet dancing... never perform for us to see. :bsmilie:

i thought you teaching.. :sticktong go get your GTT to dance for you.

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