30th JUN 2013 (SUN) VOIR Sunrise Stroll with Sandy (3D)

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Aug 14, 2011
Presenting & Feat.>>>

VOIR Sunrise Stroll with Sandy (3D)
Credits & Copyrights to Ko Phyoe

Credits & Copyrights to Andre Sulaiman

From: Co-organisor Jason >
We have taken quite abit of rest break nearly 1mth, due to our dear Organisor CK, he got infected with DENGUE.
Not a play joke. Understand that quite a no. of you pm questioned on any upcoming shoot over the past wkends ?
Now we are back, and sincerely hope our dear regulars to show some welcome support on his recovery return.

A brief introduction on San D (3D)
She's a Myanmar-Chinese.
Did you guys notice, she resemble Taiwanese singer 'Elva 萧亚轩' ?
She used to be an ugly duckling. But now, an exotic oriental beauty.
Take this last wkend of June, to shoot her by the tranquil VOIR scenery we choose for you guys.
VOIR is a french word. If you dunno the meaning, go 'Google'.
Hey...Where r the Myanmar brothers & supporters ?

Date: 30th JUN 2013 (SUN)

Time: 0800hrs to 1030hrs (with 1/2hr break)

Venue: We will ferry shooters to shoot location

Theme outfit: Oriental Fashion

Slots Ratio > max. 6:1 (min. 4)

Cost: $40/- per pax

Why should you join ?
- For those who wish to upgrade their portfolio with theme
- Meeting & socializing with new kakis
- Sharing tips & tricks on lighting aspects
- We always try to brainstorm some theme for shooters.
- Art director is around to assist/lend you with his strobe.

To join/register, you can either
i) SMS Organisor CK @ 9006 9724 or Co-organisor Jason @ 9363 7793 to reserve slot. SMS kindly includes: 1)Name 2)Nick 3)Hp no 4)FB/Email
ii) prvt msg us thru CS or FB page 'Shutterboxclub'
iii) email us: shutterbox@live.com.sg

Let's Support & make it Happen ! Thank you

Aug 14, 2011
Credits & Copyrights to De Kat of POPA760

Credits & Copyrights to Khun Cho

She may look cold but it depends on how a photographer portrays her.
The above pose, we say she's got the self-confidence [自信] of the Oriental Beauty of South East Asia.
Don't you agree ? Definitely a good subject to work with.

Aug 14, 2011
Credits & Copyrights of Thant Zaw Win

Credits & Copyrights of Andre Sulaiman

We received feedback from some of you that the shoot timing is way too early.
Therefore we adjust to >

Time: 0830hrs

Aug 14, 2011
Both images are credits, courtesy & copyrights of Y.H Photography.

Anyone wants this Spiral concept in Singapore?
Take note: Our cut-off timing is 29th JUN 2013 [2100hrs]
Thank you.


Aug 14, 2011
Cut-off time-up.
Shoot is confirmed.
Total: 5 shooters
Last slot any takers ?
Meet up 8.15am grace till 8.30am
Thank you. See u supporters tomorrow :D

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