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Feb 15, 2003
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a photo of some kids from a charity home event which i participated lately. c&c please.
since u asking for it... i'll let u know...

This pic belong to the recyclebin right away... y?

1) subject is 3, obviously about the 3 kids with icecream incidentally with 3 ice-cream, so why was it 3 of them being cut? why is the fingers cut? they look more secondary to the picture than the background itself...

2) Is the trees behind very important? if so, y? if not, then why is there such a big space of trees with no purpose as to the word 3? unless you are saying u playing with words called 3 = tree, then i guess its another problem altogether, why is the kids there as a distraction?

3) The people in the background isn't helping the picture... its a complete mess. this isn't a snapshot nor candid, its a posed shot, so you could have chose another place...

4) Notice the centre kid wasn't looking at the camera? no eye contact for posed shot... or group shot in this... strike 1... notice u chopped the ear of the one on the right? strike 2... notice that the one on the left got a floating icecream and no hands? strike 3... OUT!!!

5) Notice the lighting wasn't favorable, yet you did not do a fill in flash... haiz...

6) Y did you do a B&W?

I think i still miss out a few points, but these points enuff for you to ponder over... before asking for critic again, please check thru your pics and see what you have done wrong and dun post knowing you have a bad pic, but if this is your best shot, you have a long way to go.

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