3 Days Wedding & Fashion Photography Workshop by Ryan Schembri [3rd - 5th May]


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May 19, 2002
Ryan, Jessica & Martin Schembri 3 Day Workshop.

Learn how to create breath-taking images and the workflow behind the pre and post processing by the youngest multi international award winning photographer! Learn how to SEE light, shapes and shadows and POLISH your craft to a higher level for this 3 days workshop! Not to be missed, this is the one and only workshop the talented trio are bringing over to ASIA.

This 3 days workshop will be intense and probably might just be the biggest and most worthwhile investment you can make to your photography career this year, whether is it in the wedding or fashion industry. The secrets they will be sharing with you selflessly will blow your mind and will definitely be a worthier investment than your next L lens.

If you are looking at a way to kick start your wedding photography career, Ryan will also share with you his marketing techniques, how to do a proper meet up and consultation with your prospective client and manage your studio’s workflow. There will also be an outdoor shoot with real life Asian couple instead of models or talents so that you can see how the master photographer direct and pose Asian couples who are generally more camera shy than western couples. After which there will be a post processing session where techniques will be taught to the participants and critiques thereafter.

Join husband and wife team Ryan and Jessica Schembri from XSiGHT Photography and Video Sydney along side Martin Schembri in a whole new never before seen workshop in 2010.
This 3-day workshop will bring the best of both wedding and fashion sides of photography, which will take you from start to finish, covering all aspects of your business. Ryan, Jess & Martin will be open to sharing, with a no hold back approach – nothing is sacred!
Attending this workshop will be on the of best investments you can make for your business in 2010 and is not to be missed.
From the wedding side of the business, Ryan and Martin will explain and teach on how they manage high volumes of work while maintaining individuality for each clients as well as dealing with deadlines.
On the fashion and advertising sides of the business Jess will cover dealing with clientele high expectations, the workflow as well as re-touching techniques used to create amazing images.
The focus for the workshop, is based around the real world of living life as a photographer. The time invested into your business although essential to your business, will be challenged, through looking at all aspects of how to make your workflow and photography skills efficient and rewarding both personally and financially.If you have ever considered a Schembri workshop in the past now is the time to book!Ryan, Jessica & Martin Schembri will entertain, inspire, challenge and motivate you to bring the best to your business in 2010. Each student will receive hands on training, individual shooting time with models provided, personal one on one session time with each photographer as well as our extensive notes package on topics covered in the seminar.
Class is limited in numbers - book now to avoid disappointment.


Location: Grand Hyatt Singapore

10 Scotts Road, Singapore, Republic of Singapore 228211
Tel: +65 6738 1234 Fax: +65 6732 1696

Dates & Times: Monday 3rd May 2010 – 10am - 6pm, Tuesday 4th May 2010 10am– 6pm & Wednesday 5th May 2010 10am– 6pm

Includes light refreshments each day, Seminar Notes, Models and tons of giveaways from selected sponsors

Total investment: $1250 SGD Per Person

Special Assistant rate: Bring your assistant for only $500 SGD, if coming with full paying attendee.

30% Deposit is needed to book into the workshop and secure your place. 70% payment is due 30 days prior to the start of the workshop. Once your booking has been made a payment plan can be arranged for the balance.


Follow points are covered during workshops
- Explaining the influences, styles technology that we use
- The art of creating amazing images every weekend.
- Clever use of lighting
- How to create drama and emotions in a image
- Live shooting with models – how to posse how to direct people
- Putting into practice what has been explained proving it can be done.
- Max your sales and profitable in the studio
- Raw workflow
- Numerous audio visual sideshow to inspire


Workshop Outline

Day 1
- The day begins with an introduction from Ryan, Jess & Martin as
well as from all students to learn and get to know each other both
personally and professionally. .
- Then it is your chance to view Ryan, Jess & Martin work where they will explain their style,
posing techniques, how to give directions, how to evoke emotions on
wedding days and how they use any situation to their best advantage.
- They will then demonstrate quick and easy ways to use available light,
video light and off camera flash to get that perfect image.

Day 2
- Time to get out and about! Using models and Ryan, Jess & Martin
guidance the class will be out on the streets putting into practice all
the techniques you have absorbed from day one. This will be a hands on
approach to refine and perfect your images in your camera
- They will show how to look for perfect light, find locations that you never
knew existed, posing techniques, as well as wording tools to get the
perfect emotions that can be captured through the camera.
- There will also be fun activates to challenge you and get you motivated.

Day 3
- The final day will start with them looking over your best images from Day 2.
- Best ways to manage your files for the best workflow
- How to make the most of your raw images with re-naming and colour correcting.
-Then its into the nitty gritting of Photoshop where Ryan & Jess
will cover everything from quick ways to make your images look
fantastic to high end skin re-touching.
- How Album plans are put together and with 80 weddings shoot a year, Ryan & Jess go ways to make each wedding individual
- The day will be finished off with a question and answer section.


Terms & Conditions
• 30% deposit required at time of booking with balance 70% to be paid 30 days prior to the workshop.
• All payments made are non re-fundable
• Program content may be altered and cancelled if necessary
• In the case of seminar cancellation on Ryan, Jess & Martin's behalf a full refund of all monies paid will be applicable.
• All images photographed during the workshop, may not be used for any self-promotion, publications, or competition entries.
• Images you create are for your educational purposes only.

Email: info@ryanschembri.com for any queries.

Chris Lim

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Oct 24, 2005
This is a workshop conducted by one of the world's best photographer.

Highly recommended to anyone who is serious and keen to improve on their wedding photography. The topics touched on will not just help to improve your ability to shoot but your ability to look out for certain areas in the business of selling your work as well.

i rate this workshop :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Must go.

May 11, 2007
You mean all 3 of them will be sharing for the 3 days??

Bro your photos are not displaying properly. I'd like to share with you guys on his works too!

Not sure if you can see the photos from his Ryan Schembri group in FB but these are damn fantastic works!! No wonder he keeps winning awards after awards!


Hoot ah!! :lovegrin:


Jul 12, 2007
hi everyone,

i am interested in attending the workshop.

but in wonder if anyone would be interested in pairing up with me so that we can both get discounted rate?

i hope it's not a cheapskate idea. i'm starting out and certainly would like to gain experience from the experts.

please PM me if you're interested.

thanks, andrew


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Jul 20, 2009
"Special Assistant rate: Bring your assistant for only $500 SGD, if coming with full paying attendee."

Will there be any difference between what a photographer and an assistant can get during the workshop? As in, does the assistant get to take pictures and have his pictures reviewed, etc etc?


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May 19, 2002
amachi : I went over to australia last year with my girlfriend to attend his workshop and Ryan does not treat assistants and photographers differently. As long as you are part of the workshop, he treats everybody equally!

My girlfriend also shoots together with me and her works get commented on as well during the workshop. The special assistant rate is offered for those interested who are in the same company so as to make the cost cheaper for them. So in a nut shell, Ryan will get you to shoot and he will critique your work as well.

The good part is that now, local photographers can save on flight and accomodations since he is flying in to share his knowledge, and not just him alone because his Dad, Martin Schembri who is a well respected veteran in the industry with tons of experience will be sharing as well. Ryan's wife who has been awarded commercial photographer of the year NSW is also coming to talk and after attending the workshop last year in Australia, i have benefitted from the program as well. The only sad thing is if i know they are coming over this year i could have saved my air ticket and hotel cost! :bsmilie:

Apr 22, 2010
I just wanted to say I attended a workshop in Sydney last year in August and found it really great. I had never been on one of their workshops before but found it really fantastic.
Not only are Martin, Ryan and Jess great people, but they are really approachable, and teach in a way all levels of photographers can relate to what they are teaching.
I have found that since then my photograph has moved to a new level and continues to do so as I put into practice all I was taught.
We each received individual time with both Martin and Ryan to talk about the areas we each felt we needed to improve in our photography. They critiqued all our work so we received feedback straight away on what we could improve and also what we were already doing well.
Being able to actually shoot and not just take notes was fantastic and Jess's retouching was def a highlight for me as I know there is a massive amount of Photoshop skills I still am working on.
I would definitely do another workshop with Martin, Ryan and Jess as I have used everything they taught every day in my photography.
Sounds like a bit of a sell! :) But I just wanted to share my own experiences with them all and their workshops!
Cheers :D


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Dec 29, 2006
I shall see you all there!

The Schembri's portfolios are simply awesome! I'm so excited! :)

Here a collage of Martin Schembri 's pics to share. Amazing yah... :D



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Feb 8, 2009
Hi Fellow Photogs,

I have another photog that is looking for any interested photog to pair-up for the workshop.

Please PM or sms 9644 0858.


Hi guys!

We received quite a number of PM regarding the deposits and payment method. A couple of answers to the questions.

We are not the speakers for the workshop. We are friends of the Schembri's and we are helping them with the workshop details so please do not make payment to us.

Slots are really limited because Ryan wants to keep the class small and managable and also so that he has time to speak to participants individually and see what is their issues and problems they are facing. So far the ball park figure he has indicated is about 20 participants.

To make payment and see his works as well as what else he has to offer, this is the site to go to.


Apologies too that we were unable to reply as quickly because we are often out on a shoot and we dont check back forums as much as we love to. Thanks for understanding! :)

Singapore will be the only location in Asia that they are planning for this year. Miss it thats it.



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Mar 5, 2005
it will be perfect if it was over 2 days and over the weekends!

May 11, 2007
Found some from Martin Schembri to share!

Anybody has Jessica's works to share here? Cause I couldn't find any. Thx!


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