2nd & 3rd photographer for an Opening & Carnival Community Event (30/3/2014)


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Jul 17, 2002
We are seeking for a 2nd & 3rd Photographers for a community event - Opening cum Carnival Event, in Pasir Ris on 30th March 2014, Sunday, 1000-1400hrs.

Hourly paid rate : S$7-15/hour, inclusive of lunch.

Anyone keen please email sample works or links to your works to simonelynn@yahoo.com.

No official portfolio is required if unavailable, we only need to see the range of images you have done.

Please include the following:

1. Personal photography experiences, if any;

2. Range of sample works (no maximum);

2. General personal information as a self introduction, eg. Actual Name, Age, Gender, Address, Nationality, Reachable contact number(s) & email address (es), etc.;


3. Anything else that you would like us to know about you for possible future assignments or events.

Students/Interns, Photography hobbyists/enthusiasts are more than welcomed.

General guidance and briefing will be given from the main pro commercial photographer.

Those who would like more opportunities and exposure to brush up their skills are also welcomed.

You will hold more of an Assistant Photographer's role helping do a wider coverage of the event.

It's overall a fun and not very taxing shoot.

Thank you for reading.

Looking forward to your emails!

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