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Dec 15, 2007
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This is to follow up with my previous thread which I think didn't illustrate properly so I decided to create a new one instead, sorry for the confusion.

It may sound scary to do a studio portrait especially when you never try it before, you may think that you need a lot of lighting equipment, very deep technical photography knowledge etc, well yes and no.

There are thousands of way to lit your subject, what kind of lighting is suitable? Which angle is better? How shall I talk to my subjects to make them comfortable etc, these are questions that crossed my mind years ago. In this Saturday 3pm - 530pm workshop you going to experience some of the most common way of lighting a portrait shot as shown in this collage. Of cause there is no way I can demonstrate every single one i such a short time but I believe you'll at least have much better understanding and maybe some good work at the end of the shoot.

Although this shoot may sounds like more suitable for newbies who has no experience in studio lighting, but you are welcome to join and have fun shooting even if you've done this before.
Fee is $135 for first timer and $120 for repeat participants.
Location will be announced to confirm participants.

Please email me at ts_sim@sim4nee.com or text me at 96806036 if you keen to join.

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