2902 Gallery : Through the looking glass.

Aug 19, 2009

Image Credit : John Clang

Exhibition : 22nd April to 7th May 2010.
Join us for the opening: 22nd April 2010, 7pm.

The Annexe Gallery and 2902 Gallery is proud to present a collaborative exhibition featuring works by eight gifted photographers from Malaysia and Singapore, enabling a Visual dialogue between the two countries.

The exhibition is not about showcasing new works and fresh young faces, but to encourage the viewers to "look" with critical and expressive minds on the array of works from these eight photographers. The act of "looking" is a common functionality in life, and Barthes terms people who are in tune to individual voices from the photographs as "spectator". THis perhaps party explains the title " Through the looking Glass", which is to invite viewers to venture into this peculiar ground and to urge all who step in to explore with great gusto: "I see, I feel, hence I notice, I observe and I think." Just as Alice tries to make sense of her surrounding in wonderland from the whispers, the stories, the clues and puns from various characters. The challenge here for you the readers or spectators is to explore the textural and semiotic nature of the works, paying attention to the cultural background and photographic codes presented in each of the photographers' works.

These are the eight photographers participating:

Malaysia: Bernice Chauly, Lim Thian Leong, Minstel Kuik, Tan Chee Hon
Singapore: John Clang, Muhammad Nuruddin, Ore Hui Ying, Teo Chai Guan.

More information, please visit our facebook event: http://bit.ly/bZBX5O

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