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Aug 19, 2009
In and Out of the Mist
Photography by Alex Wong
5th October - 22nd October 2011

In And Out Of The Mist", is a collection of superbly still, built environments. Each consumed by slightly different densities of mist. Alex Wong is photographing the puzzles and attempt to let the photographed subject itself to have enough space to move around and to breathe freely. We usually photograph a subject or object that is within the space. Subject is always the prime target in photography. However it is the space that provides and allows all of these compositions to be possible. What falls outside of the frame is thus one of infinite possibilities.

In Alex’s space, it’s a beautifully honed urban landscape in which the balance of monochromes and a limited use of achromatic values challenge the minds neutral grey balance. The lush shades of yellow-green when focused on give an elusive sense of value to the central portion of the background and mix with the equally elusive surrounding. Time is well spent in these spaces working out on his own perceptional balancing act from what at first glance seems a simple enough photograph.

Many of the photographs were captured during a constant travel journey in a vehicle when he encountered the unpredictable awakening dream state. A vibrant and iconic landmark are suddenly lost in front of one‘s view. "In And Out Of The Mist" suggests us to not only to photograph and look at iconic subjects and images but try to understand and feel the cause, reaction and consequence, and the meaning of that impact. Oblivion states that we often blind ourselves into it with wide open eyes.

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