2902 Gallery : Animals

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Aug 19, 2009

Opening Reception to Animal exhibition.
Date: 7 October 2009, 7pm.
Location: 2902 Gallery.
RSVP: shihan@2902gallery.com

About 2902 Gallery

2902 Gallery is an artist-run gallery that is dedicated to promote the appreciation of art photography. Christened after its opening date in 2008, the Gallery’s name speaks of a rare moment (each leap year), frozen, or more aptly, captured in time by a photograph. As the largest photo art gallery in Southeast Asia, it aims to be the nexus and catalyst of discussion, thought and critique on art photography in the region, by curating shows of both local and over sea artists. Besides a platform for exhibition, 2902 Gallery actively organised talks, seminars and workshops for both photographer and general public to appreciate photography. In the past one year, the Gallery has hosted close to 20 exhibitions with the participation of more than 50 photographers. 2902 Gallery house the festival office and main exhibition ground for the inaugural Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) in 2008.

2902 Gallery is situated at OldSchool, 11b Mount Sophia, #B2-09
Website: www.2902gallery.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/search/?init=srp&sfxp=&o=&q=2902+photo+gallery#/group.php?gid=9871157090&ref=ts
Tel: 6339 8655 I info@2902gallery.com

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