<<28/29/30th June>> sim4nee photography portrait/fashion photography shoot


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Dec 15, 2007
Zion Road
Dear friends, this is to generate interest before confirming the beautiful Brazilian model Fang Shin for out weekend workshop.

This week we will start on Friday evening to do night portrait with city background, timing from 730-10pm, location to be confirm.

On Saturday, from 3-530pm is studio portrait session, if you're new to studio lighting this will be perfect for you, you will learn not only technical part of portrait shoot but also how to engage or communicate with your subject, mind you this sometime is more important than photography itself.

As for Sunday we will explore outdoor fashion, this week we going to do garden theme. There will be 2 sessions for Sunday, you can sign up 8-1030am or 330-6pm session.

Lighting and reflector will be provided for every session, you just need to bring your camera, so if you're interested please pm me asap so that I can book the model. In the case of model isn't available the are always others to choose, from this page https://www.facebook.com/sim4neePhotographyWorkshop/photos_albums you can see there are Morgan, Alexandra, Emily, Bruna and etc, but if you really want to shoot Fang Shin please sign up asap.

These workshop are fun and interactive, not only it's good for new shooter, but for the experienced shooter this is also an opportunity to explore the skill you've learnt. You've been working the whole week, busy with appointments, meeting after meeting, what's better than other people do all the organizing and you just come and shoot, at the same time exchange and sharing experience with friends and me, it's not only improving your skill but also relaxing at the same time.

The fee is $135 for first timer $120 for repeat participant, please email to ts_sim@sim4nee.com or sms/whatsapp/wechat me at 96806036.

Thank you.


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