27th Nov Hotel Lingerie ShooT ft Sexy Luiza from Brazil !!!

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Jun 18, 2006

Hotel Lingerie ShooT


Luiza fr Brazil

Venue: 5 Star Hotel
Outfits: Lingerie x 2 set + 1 Boyfriend Shirt

Ratio 5:1

Cost:$115 1st Timer
:$100 MemberS

Time 1st Session: 2.30pm - 4:30pm

Time 2nd Session: 5pm - 7pm

To Sign Up:

Simply SMS/PM Name/Nick to 9827 7072

Credits To:

All models for their photographS. And All Respective Photographers who produce such beautiful pictureS ! .

For all Photographers out there, if u have any IDEA or theme u wan to do. Pls email to ideas@i2studio.com.sg and I2Studio will try their best to make it come true ! We can exchange ideas and u can gather a few photo kakis to have a wonderful shoot custom make for u all !

i2Studio Loyalty Program:

Join 2 Events organise by i2Studio and automatically becomes Member to enjoy Member Price

Join 6 Events organise by i2Studio and becomes our V.I.P and enjoy Member Price and will be invited to our Exclusive Shoot with invitation only.

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