26th December 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse: Center Stage Singapore

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bro that's if the earth isn't annihilated in 2012 :bsmilie:
Regardless, no reason not to look long term to perhaps one in a hundred thousand year opportunity. ;p


Greatest eclipse will occur at Pulau Padang, Riau Province in Indonesia though the umbra of the moon will pass over Singapore just seconds later.

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Dec 5, 2008
Good chance to save up enough money to buy a big-@ss lens and gear for that event...hehe...i'm sure wife would not disagree.

please remind me about this 8 years later haha
I'm sure that there will be plenty of hoo-hah then with some "experts" claiming that the annular solar eclipse will induce mega earthquake and tsunami. ;)


Ran the sequence of the annular solar eclipse through Stellarium as viewed from the observatory at Science Centre Singapore through a solar filter.

Time is in Singapore Standard Time (SST), UTC +8.


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