26 Mar (Sun Afternoon) Katherine Outdoor Fashion Photoshoot

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Jun 21, 2013

Session Details
Date: 26 Mar 2017 (Sat Afternoon)
Time: 430 - 645pm
Model: Katherine
Location: Central
Outfit: 2 x fashion outfit
Shooter: 4-6 photogs
Cost: $60

Interested photographers can pm or sms me at 98794580.

(1) Signup fee cover the modelling fee, clubsnap advertisement charge and pixel club administration fee. Basically everything.
(2) Newbies are welcome. This is not a workshop but will guide new shooters on some basics if requested.
(3) Do be punctual. We usually would try to wait for everyone to reach to start shoot but would not wait more than 15 min after the scheduled start time. (e.g meetup time 845am, 9am shoot, start no later than 915am).
(4) In order to let us and model have sufficient time to prepare, do let us know early (a least a day in advance) if need to withdraw from shoot.
(5) Pixel club wishes to build a healthy environment where photographers whether newbie or veteran can go through photography with mutual respect in a fun journey . Try to learn from one another . Our regulars are friendly and fun to mix with . We don't bite.
(6) Pixel club have the right to deny anyone to shoot if behavior deem inappropriate. We are nice fellows but will get mad if models or photographers friends are harassed.
(7) Last of all, there is nothing better than hanging around with nice fellows, pretty lady and doing your favourite weekend activity. So support us if you have time =)


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