25 May~ Meiting (Her Fist Bikini) and Cherie (Only during SIN) in Bikini with Car!!!

Sep 15, 2009
We are proud to bring a Bikini photoshoot with Meiting and Cherie right inside SIN with Car.

FYI, Meiting is the first time doing Bikini photoshoot and be the first to shoot her with the GT R34
As for Cherie, she will only be doing bikini in this SIN event. So grap your chance now.



Time: 12.30 PM - 1.30 PM Session 1 - (Meiting & Cherie)

Duration: 1 hour (30 mins switch model)
Theme: Bikini with Nissan GT R34 and Tyres
Price: $50
Ratio: 6 Photographers to 1 Model

Shoot will be conducted in SIN event at EXPO Hall 3, Concept35mm & Reddotphoto Booth.

It will be an enclosed photoshoot where no one from the outside can see.

There will be strobes with softbox for each models and triggers will be provided if you want to use it.

All payment need to be collected to confirm your slots. If you want to pay at the booth, there will not be any reservation done here and it will be on a first come first serve basis.

To comfirm your slot, please transfer the correct amount to POSB saving account 159-16614-7 and SMS me (8288 2599) the ref num together with your preferred session.

PM or SMS me at 8288 2599 if you have any enquires.

To avoid the hassle of queueing at the EXPO booth, ticket can be purchase from Reddotphoto - Red Dot Photo - Super Import Nights 2012 / Concept35mm / Nikon D3200 / nikon D800 / D800E, olympus OMD EM5, photography deals, Photography reviews, events, photography buy and sell, photography classifieds

Terms & Conditions
1. The organizers of the event reserves the right to eject or refuse access any person who is disruptive or fails to follow the rules.
2. The organizers have the discretion to stop the shoot in the interest of order and safety of the attendees and models.
3. While the schedule of the photo sessions timing is set out in the time table, it can change due to unplanned events. Do check back at the booth so that you do not miss any session(s) which you like to join.
4. To ensure a smooth and efficient process, please have your cameras ready when entering the booth.
5. It is the attendee's own responsibility to take care of their belongings. The organizers will not be held liable for any loss of belongings due to damage or theft.
6. Each group is allocated strictly 60 minutes for their slots, that is 30 minutes per model.
7. All sessions will start on time.
8. Each group is strictly to stay within their allocated area at all times and not stray out of bounds.
9. While strobe lights are provided, the organizers reserve the right to stop usage of it to prevent it from damage or abuse.
10. Each model's outfit will be as it is, there will not be any change during the shoot.
11. At each model's sole discretion, they may not choose to pose in certain way which the photographer wishes.
12. As time is a constraint, there will be no photo oppotunities with the models before, during and after the shoot.

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