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Dec 15, 2007
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Dear friends,
Shooting portrait outdoor with flash may sounds complicated especially when you never try it before, you may think that you need a lot of lighting equipment, very deep technical photography knowledge etc, you may even think only those big and expensive studio flashes are what you need, well yes and no, if you have the speed light, 1 or more, with proper setting and modifier they can too achieve what the studio flash could achieve.

There are many way to lit your subject, what kind of lighting is suitable? Which angle is better? And how shall I talk to my subjects to make them comfortable etc. We will explore how to identify good locations, how to balance the available lights and flash, also how to over power the available lights by using high speed sync to create certain effect. In this coming Saturday 14th September workshop you going to experience some of the most common way of lighting a portrait shot as shown in this collage.

There is no way I can demonstrate every single one in such a short time but I believe you'll at least have much better understanding and maybe some good work at the end of the shoot.

The model for this workshop is Elizabeth from Russia.

So whether you like to learn or just to shoot for fun this is the workshop for you.


Sunday 24th : Sept 8am - 1030am (including break)
Venue : will be announced to confirm participant
Fee : $135 for new sign up and $120 for repeated participants.

Please email me at sim4nee@me.com or txt me at 96806036 if you are keen to sign up.

ps: the workshop and model can only be confirm when there are enough sign up so I would like to apologize to those who signed up but had to cancel before.

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