24-105 on 5d Mark II (Soft Corners)? Expert Required!!

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Jan 13, 2011
Dear All,

Just Change to 5d Mark 2 recently. Attached is the shot and 100% crop of the corner. Please ignore the vignetting.

I am just wondering,

1) Is the corner soft?? It seems soft at 100% crop. Not sure is this the "full frame effect" , previously i was using 24-105 on a crop sensor. or the corner at 100% crop shall be sharper...

2) Generally is the picture sharp from corner to corner.??

Exif Info
24mm (F.4)

Picture (Strictly Process from Raw with no touch up)

100% Crop (bottom right corner)

Thanks in advance for all the comments and help


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Nov 28, 2005
1. Read the lens reviews, like photozone.de which gives analysis on center, mid and edge/corner sharpness. You'll get a better understanding.
2. Why shoot at f/4? Again, you need to read the reviews and understand your gear to get optimal performance.
3. You're shooting at widest angle, aperture wide open, and judging from the corner clipping you have a filter attached? Remove the filter, and test your lens at it's sharper apertures as well.

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Oct 20, 2010
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That looks like camera shake and soft corners IMO.
The 24-105 isn't very sharp at f4, better when stopped down a little.

If you want ultimate sharpness, its always the primes.

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Jan 11, 2007
ISO? Shutter Speed? Default settings? IS on or off? Shooting position/did you feel yourself very steady when you shot this photo?

If doing handheld tests, without IS, choose sunny days. Best is use a rock solid tripod. Switch off IS when on tripod and compare results. Shoot the same subject and angle.

Jan 13, 2011
Thanks all for ur comment even though some or most did not answer specifically to question and seems more keen to flaunt their knowledge...

Actually what u guys says, is what i know of or research of.. Tripod blah blah... Sharpness blah blah...Quality blah blah... Just wanna to know if shoot at F4, is this consider normal!! Is the softness, normal?? Only 1 cser really tried answer the question loh..

Anyway, thanks to a well known professional photographer who read my mail and reply in 1 sentence to my email and resolved all my doubts..

" its normal, try shooting at F8 or F11 for better results"

Thread close.

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