~ 22nd Nov, Saturday: A thankyou shoot for my great supporters - ** $15/$18/$25 **

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Nov 22, 2007
Singapore East

It's a new beginning of my new subscription of threads.
And that calls for a celebration!

I'll probably be making a loss from this shoot because of the low price im offering to you guys, but the main objective for this shoot is to have fun, learn new tips, and make new friends.

I wouldn't have been able to buy threads after threads if not for the great support i had from some of you. Through organising, i managed to befriend afew photographers, and i hope i'll continue to do so.

I know me and my partner has made some flaws while organising, but i believe that we will learn from each mistake, and try not to repeat them.

Cya at the shoot! :)

Date: 22nd November, Saturday

Time: 9am – 12.30am

Duration: 3 Hours (+ half hour break)

Location: Outdoors. Will be revealed to paid participants.

Outfit: 2 sets of Fashionwear each.

(kelvin will sms those people who can receive the $15 pricing)
$18 - For my Regulars
$25 - Usual Price

Refreshments: Light Breakfast + Drinks

How to register?
PM me or
email to the-melody-love@hotmail.com


Nickname &
Contact number (IMPORTANT!)​

Jun 20, 2007
is ur the other shoot (SHA) on? cos u locked the thread.

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