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22 New York Traffic Cameras Stolen and They are Nikon DSLR D2X & was sold to B&H!

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Sep 16, 2006
Quoted from Techie lobang.
"A couple went on a stealing spree with a cherry picker for NYC Red Light Traffic cameras. Within 4 weeks, they managed to remove 22 of them. At first, I was thinking that it is just some customized camera that could not be used on actual life. I was wrong. It is actually a Nikon DSLR D2X, a pro-level camera.

One of the couple, by the name of Anthony Cintorrino actually is a part time contractor for the company that install these cameras. And that makes it so simple to do the deed. I was surprised that a Nikon Pro DSLR D2X was installed into this traffic camera. I wondered what camera is Singapore police using on our road :) .

This couple still have the guts to sell them at B&H, a popular 2nd hand camera store in US. I guess many people in Singapore also buy lens or camera body from them.
Click Here to View the Video and Witness a Nikon D2X put into the Traffic Camera Box

BTW, the cameras are worth US$88,000 but they are sold at US$300 per piece. However, all are recovered and put back into the box. In my opinion, get a lock for the Traffic Camera.. seems like there is no lock at all! ??"


$US300 afor D2X at B&H anyone? :devil:


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Nov 2, 2004
East side
Looking at the first frame of the video, it's a D2Xs. :sweatsm:

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