21 MAY 2016 [SAT] MEAW

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Aug 14, 2011


Credits to the following photographers whose images & works presented below.

Bringing you this lovely feline model from the land of smile.
You miss her, you will have to wait & wait & wait...longer
Now, opening for slots booking now !!


DATE: 21 MAY 2016 [SAT]

Time: 1700hrs - 1900hrs

Venue: Indoor Hotel

Theme: 2 sets of Lovely Lingerie

Slots Ratio: 6:1

Cost: $120/pax

*Huge continuous lighting provided.
*Advance payment/deposit not required.


To reserve your booking session, kindly pls sms/whatsapp to:-
i) GERALD @ 9337 7253
ii) JASON @ 9363 7793

Do click on our top-left hand Logo.
It will bring you to our SHUTTERBOX FB page.
Thank you.

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