21 July (SUN) Taiwan Models LinLin & Vika Exclusive Photoshoot

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Jun 21, 2013

Cover photo credited to Novafly & Red Porcupine

Pixel Club presents to you two top photoshoot models from Taiwan - LinLin & Vika !!

Both are very experienced & popular models who had done plenty of photoshoots in Taiwan and we are flying them
exclusively to Singapore just for 5 different unique simple concept photoshoots.

Dun miss the rare opportunity to shoot them as they do not participate in any show events and this is the only chance
you can shoot them in Singapore!!

Introduction to Models


LinLin is a full time photoshoot model who had done more 300 photoshoots in Taiwan and is nicknamed "台湾外拍女王“
or the "Queen of Photoshoots in Taiwan" . She had traveled all over the world to HongKong, Japan, Malaysia etc many times
for photoshoots and is the workshop model for many famous photographer including 黑面 . She is known for her "feeling"
shoot & 日系 (Japanese style) and we will have simple themes that is designed for her in Singapore!

Photo credited to Roy Cheung photography

Photo credited to Cloud Photography

LinLin Fb Page

LinLin at 九族櫻花祭 Video
LinLin Promotional Video with CAMCLUB

Review on LinLin as photoshoot model


Vika is another popular Taiwan model who had done many shoots all over taiwan. She had worked with various
famous photographer and is one of the main models for famous photographer 藤原克也's book "攝影之道" (The art of Portrait).
She had the sexy, sensual aura which is different with LinLin which we hope to bring out in this Singapore shoots.

Photo credited to Red Porcupine

Rinco Product Advertisement

Vika FB Page


Vika's Video
VIKA Behind The Scene Photoshoot
VIKA's Charity Video with iCash

Interested photogs, pls PM or SMS me your nick/name and session no. @ 98794580 to book your slots!

Jun 21, 2013
Session 4 - Beautiful Morning BFT Shoot
Date: 21 July 2013 (Sun)
Time: 0830 am - 1100 am (2 hr shoot with 30min break)
Model: LinLin & Vika
Venue: 1 boutique hotel suite (45-50 sq meter) with separate bedroom and living room
Concept: Morning wakeup , relaxing at home style
Attire: 1 set of BFT shirt (as in pics below)
Price $135 per person (Special Rate of $110 for 1st 6 photogs who signed up)
Shooting Ratio: Max 4 photogs to 1 model

Photo credited to Frankie Yam Photography

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