2018 Motor Sport Calendar

Feb 15, 2013

Other than the usual F1 night race, what are the other auto sport organised in Singapore?
Where can I find such event calendar dates?
Want to practice and shoot panning shots.

I am just a hobbyist, cannot afford those F1 thickets.
Nor I want to hang around Lim Chu Kang or Coastal Road in case send a wrong signal to encourage illegal street racing.

Have tried once in Kranji GoKart after shooting birds in Sungei Buloh. Was asked to leave, claiming it was a private club and a private event preparation was in progress.

Thank You

one eye jack

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Jun 11, 2011
AFAIK 4 wheeler sports is non existant other than government sponsored F1 for tourism benefits.There is a motor sports singapore club but exists only in name (office at maxwell rd.) Although it is under the National sports club umbrella there's no activity.It takes money and well heeled enthusiasts so it's understandable.Even the gov started high speed track project (to rival sepang in JB) which was supposed to be at changi or tuas fell through as private investors "went bust".Most people who own sports car go to sepang for their speed fix.

As for 2 wheelers same situation. So what's left is the ocasional motocross or goKart unless you want to consider bicycle MX. :)


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Jan 26, 2010
You can actually practice panning shots with anything that moves with a busy background...

That said if you are looking out for sports you can check out other open outdoor events like the many marathons, OCBC Cycle Singapore, Dragon Boat races (eg DBS Marina Regetta) etc

Motorsports probably due to the costs involved usually are ticketed events. Occasionally Clubsnap or other organisations gives out free passes so have to look out for them.

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