2011 - Creative Crew is back!


Actions - History - Composition - Wedding gown recovery
Happy new year dear Crew!*
It's time to meet up again. This time in the prestigious venue of the Central Public Library in Victoria. Stefano Virgilli will conduct a solo seminar on Photoshop productivity.

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Sitting priority will be given to registered guests.

For new members and guests, please note that this is NOT a course. No notes will be distributed. Creative Crew meetings are non-profit seminars/networkings aimed to bring photographers and designers together to share experience.

Venue: Central Public Library, Multi-purpose Room, Basement 1
100 Victoria Street Singapore 188064
Time: 6:45 PM - 8:45 PM
Date: January 11, Tuesday

Get faster and faster with pre-recorded set of instructions for Photoshop.
You may have heard of Photoshop Actions before, but do you know all the tips and tricks? Never noticed - for example - that when you include "Save" in an action, it may overwrite previously saved files?
Learn from Stefano the strategies to avoid issues and discover some of the best actions available online.

It's not only History.
Track your steps in Photoshop and get more from History panel.
One more time… do you know that little menu on the top right of each Adobe panel? Well, another little world of possibilities hidden in a small icon. Learn how to use the History panel at 100% with Stefano Virgilli.

One PSD, many layouts.
Show many versions of the same file with the Layers Comps panel.
Few things are certain in life. One of them is that your boss / your client will ultimately change their mind about your design. So, if until today you have saved a Photoshop file for each layout version, it is time to change your workflow. No more file1.psd, file2.psd, file3.psd and so on. Stefano will show how to create multiple Photoshop layouts in 1 PSD file only.

Goodbye overexposure.
Save your pictures even when white is clipped to 255/255/255.
First of all, this will NOT work on all of the pictures. However, you will be able to rescue some of them. In particular, have you ever "lost" the wedding gown's decoration in a "flat white matte"? Stefano will show you how to create custom made shadows that can make the difference.*

About the speaker:
Stefano is the director of LAB School Singapore (http://lab.edu.sg/). He has an Italian degree in communication design. His experience in the training and education sector has been growing since 2000. Stefano started teaching 2D graphic design and photography post production. Later on, he further specialized in video editing, 2D and 2.5D animation.

In 2006, Stefano brought his expertise and experience to Singapore. His years in training were augmented by his work in a design studio in Italy, which he built from scratch. He directed both Ultimate Video Fx as well as VOX. The experience placed him in a solid position to combine theory and practical hands-on work.

Stefano has 66 Adobe Certifications, in print, web, video and e-learning.

photo credits:
http://www.sxc.hu/photo/721435 by xmje43p
http://www.sxc.hu/photo/721437 by xmje43p

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