2010 OCBC Cycle Singapore

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Apr 1, 2005
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OCBC Cycle Singapore seeks to inspire all generations of men and women to experience cycling as a form of recreation and fitness. With five distance options, OCBC Cycle Singapore accommodates all level of riders and offers the public a unique opportunity to cycle on car-free streets all over Singapore while enjoying its iconic landmarks such as the National Stadium, the F1 Pit Building and the Singapore Flyer.

The 2009 event was Singapore’s first mass participation cycling experience on public roads which catered for every level of cyclist from beginner to professional. The occasion was a true success story with more than 5,300 participants taking to the road!

OCBC Cycle Singapore 2010 will also play host to a Cycling and Lifestyle Village as well as a Carnival providing entertainment and food and beverage for participants and spectators alike on the day.

The event is committed to promoting safe cycling in Singapore and hopes to contribute to developing Singapore as a growing sporting nation.

Who should take part in the event?

Anyone two and older will be able to cycle in OCBC Cycle Singapore 2010; provided you are healthy, you are more than welcome to join!
New this year!

To cater to an even wider spectrum of riders, OCBC Cycle Singapore 2010 will offer a new category: The Tricycle Ride – a safe, 100m ride at the F1 Pit Building for kids from two to five years old.

Sign up for the ride now and enjoy an experience full of fun with your entire family!


Jan 19, 2002
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Too bad recumbent trikes are not allowed.

The organisers cited safety reasons. I cannot think of anything safer than something you cannot fall off, let alone out of, and no balancing required. No wobbling, no unintended direction changes. I can understand the issues with recumbent bicycles, though.

Ha ha!

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