2009 Leonids Outburst Forecast.

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so sad. i should have slept from 12 to 4am then set an alarm to see the meteor rains.. :(

anw, will there be anymore this year or i should say these days?

There are similar celestial event throughout the entire year ranging from Quadrantids in January, Lyrids in April, Eta Aquarids in May, Perseids in August, Orionids in October, Leonids in November and Geminids in December.

The maximum ZHR every year of any meteor showers is probably the Perseids (a ZHR of anywhere between 100 to 120) BUT every now and then the Leonids actually produces a METEOR STORM with a peak ZHR of anywhere between 500 to 1000 sometime in the middle of november. Go figure. :D

NASA: 2009 Leonid Outburst Forecast.
Space.Com: "Strong Leonid Meteor Shower Predicted for 2009".
As mentioned in the quoted text.

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