2009 Leonids Meteor Shower, Nagarkot, Nepal

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Sep 6, 2009
Hi all,

I am an astronomy enthusiast, and had been on trips to the desert in China for the 01/08/2008 total solar eclipse; to the beautiful beach in Indonesia for the 26/01/2009 annular solar eclipse; to the heavy populated city in China for the 22/07/2009 total solar eclipse. I really enjoyed chasing the eclipses and the beautifuy senery along the tirps. These are really great experiences.

On 17/11/2009-18/11/2009, the Leonids meteor shower will give a ZHR 500+ outburst. http://www.imcce.fr/en/ephemerides/phenomenes/meteor/DATABASE/Leonids/2009/index.php. Approximately one meteor every 10 seconds at the time and place we are going to observe.

I have studied the IR satellite image of the entire Asia region from 1998 to 2008 in November. The probability of clear sky in Nepal is higher than 90%. And the place that we are going is at an altitude of 2100 meters. We will be high above the smoke and haze layer. At the time of predicted peak which is 21:43 (UTC) the radiant will be 55 degree above the horizon, and there is no moon at all. So it's going to be a perfect condition for observing the Leonids.

Nagarkot is at the foot of the Himalayas, where the scenery is breath taking. There are also small prop planes that will take you to the Mt. Everest for sight seeing. You can check out the photos from flickr.

We might be organizing a trip to Nepal. But we need to find out if there are people interested. FYI, the round trip ticket of Silkair from Singapore to Kathmandu, Nepal is at 994 SGD incl. tax. The tentative plan is we depart on 15/11/2009 and come back on 18/11/2009. And we can have a tour in the capital city on the 15th, a morning air tour to Mt. everest on the 16th, take a bus to Nagarkot in the afternoon of 16th, and stay in Nagarkot from the 16th to the morning of 18th to enjoy the panaroma view of the Himalays at day time as well as the Leonids at night time.

You can stated you interest here by replying the thread or any ideas related to the Leonids 2009.
My Email is : iohutom@hotmail.com Or SMS to : 82325489

Thank you

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