1st Olympus Digital Carnival

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Feb 1, 2002
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The Olympus Digital Carnival is a strategic partnership with other leading brands like HP, Epson, Apple, Adobe, Iomega and many more...

The Olympus Digital Carnival will take place on

15th and 16th May 2003
from 11 - 7pm
at Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Level 2 (Rm 208 and 209)

This 1st Olympus Digital Carnival will include partners like HP, Apple and Adobe. Latest technologies and products will be on display. There will be talks on photography, technology, tips and tricks and product demo. In addition, there will be photography session (hands-on experience), business solution (HP) and multimedia solutions (Apple).

One of the highlights for the Digital Carnival includes a CHARITY DRIVE for Rainbow Centre - a self-funding non-profit organization that provides quality educational programmes and services for children with developmental learning disabilities resulting in intellectual, physical, sensory or multiple learning difficulties, of age group up to 12 years old. For more information, visit www.rainbowcentre.org.sg

There will be a photo-taking corner where the visitors can take a
photograph at $10. The $10 collected will be given to Rainbow Centre to build the SARS funds for their children. The monies raised will be used specifically to purchase the SARS Prevention Kit for these handicapped & under-priviledged children to fight against SARS.

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