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Model EOS 1D Mark II

Recommended Retail Price(Street price varies) S$8,499

Effective Pixels Approx. 8.2 M

Total Pixels Approx. 8.5 M

Low-Pass Filter Built-in / Fixed

Colour Filter Type Primary colours

Type 28.7 x 19.1 mm CMOS

AF System / Points 45 -point AF (Area AF)

AF Modes One ShotAI Servo

AF Point selection -

Selected AF Point Display Superimposed in viewfinder

Predictive AF Yes

AF Lock Locked when shutter button is pressed half way in One Shot AF mode

AF Assist Beam Emitted by an optional dedicated Speedlite

Manual Focus Selected on lens

Metering Modes TTL full aperture metering with 21 zone SPC(1) Evaluative metering (linked to any AF point)(2) Partial metering (approx. 8.5% of viewfinder at centre)(3) Spot metering:Centre spot metering (approx. 2.4% viewfinder at center)AF point-linked spot metering (approx. 2.4% of viewfinder)Multi/Spot metering (Max 8 spot metering entries)(4) Centre weighted average metering

Metering Range EV 0-20 (at 20°C with 50mm f1.4 lens ISO 100)

AE Lock Auto: Operates in 1-shot AF mode with evaluative metering when focus is achievedManual: By AE lock button in all metering modes

Exposure Compensation +/-3 EV in 1/3-stop increments (can be combined with AEB)

AEB +/-3 EV in 1/3-stop increments. 1/2-stop increments selectable with C.Fn-06-2Bracketing methods:1 Shutter speed or aperture2 ISO speed

Type 28.7 x 19.1 mm CMOS

Speed 30 - 1/8000 sec. (1/3 stop increments), Bulb, (Shutter speeds of 1 sec or more operate with noise reduction)

Shutter Release Soft-touch electromagnetic release

Type 28.7 x 19.1 mm CMOS

Settings Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten light, Fluorescent light, Flash, Custom, Colour Temperature Setting, Personal WB, (Total 10 Settings)White balance compensation: 1. Blue/Amber +/-92. Magenta/ Green +/-9

WB Bracketing +/-3 stops in full stop increments Method: 1. Blue/Amber 2. Magenta/Green 3 bracketed images per shutter release

Type 28.7 x 19.1 mm CMOS

Coverage (Vertical/Horizontal) Approx. 100% (for JPEG Large images)

Eyepoint 20 mm

Dioptre Correction -3 - 1 dpt

Mirror Quick-return half mirror (Transmission: reflection ratio of 37:63, no mirror cut-off with EF1200mm f5.6 or shorter)

Viewfinder Information AF information (AF points, focus confirmation light), Exposure information (shutter speed, aperture, manual exposure, metering range, ISO speed, exposure level, exposure warning), Flash Information (flash ready, FP flash, FE lock, flash exposure level), JPEG format, number of remaining shots, CF card information, WB compensation.

Monitor 2.0" TFT, approx. 230K pixels

Coverage Approx. 100% (for JPEG images)

Brightness Adjustable to one of five levels

Modes E-TTL II, Auto Flash, Metered Manual

HotShoe / PC terminal -

X-sync 1/250 sec

Red-eye Reduction -

Flash Exposure Compensation +/-3 EV in 1/3-stop increments with EX series Speedlites

Flash Exposure Bracketing Yes

Second Curtain Synchronisation Yes

Built-in Flash Range -

Guide Number
(ISO 100, metres) -

Modes E-TTL II, Auto Flash, Metered Manual

Drive Modes Single / Continuous L / Continuous H

Continuous Shooting Max. Approx. 8.5 fps¹ (speed maintained for up to 40 images (JPEG quality 8), 20 images (RAW))

Intervalometer -

Image Size (LF) 3504x2336, (M1) 3104x2072, (M2) 2544x1696, (S) 1728x1152, (RAW) 3504x2336

Movies -

Movie Length -

Still Image Format JPEG (Exif 2.21 [Exif Print] compliant) / Design rule for Camera File system (2.0), Digital Print Order Format [DPOF] Version 1.1 compliant

RAW+JPEG Simultaneous Recording Yes

File Numbering (1) Consecutive numbering
(2) Auto reset
(3) Manual reset

Processing Parameters -

Movies -

Sound Files WAVE (monaural)

Canon Printers Canon Compact Photo Printers and Bubble Jet Printers with the direct print function

Custom Functions 21 Custom Functions with 67 settings

Personal Functions 27
got this from Canon Singapore's Website...it claimed that the 1d mk II does nto have Hotshoe/PC Sync.....for this level of camera..there is not hotshoes/pc sync??? :think:


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Feb 13, 2003
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I am shocked that Canon can do these type of thing.... :nono:

But would like to see the shots to prove this statement though.


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agape01 said:

I am shocked that Canon can do these type of thing.... :nono:

But would like to see the shots to prove this statement though.
maybe it's an error??

found this in anotehr page(also canon webpage under specs)


External flash - E-TTL II autoflash with EX-series Speedlite

PC terminal - Provided


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Oct 14, 2003
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Yes, definitely an error.

For sure 100%, 1D Mk II has both hot shoe and PC terminal.


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Apr 16, 2004
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Somebody did a typo and scared the #@#$ out of us... hehe... :bsmile: For such a brilliant camera they don't have that hotshoe and pc sync? can :kok: the person who made that typo!!!

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