1DMIII Flash Exposure and usage

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Apr 6, 2003
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Sigh. I thought Canon would make flash photography better in 1dMIII.

But apparently no.

Flash exposure with both EX580II and EX580 is at least 1 stop under.

And partial flash metering gives better exposure than evaluative flash metering.

Same as 1dMII.

I had the 1DMII with EX580 and 1DMIII with EX580II for an event this afternoon. Seems like on average, 1DMIII under exposes by 1 stop.

I am still learning the idiosyncrasies of the camera. I always use manual selection of focus points on 1DMII. On the 1DMIII, manual selection is done with the inner points using the main dial and outer points with the main control dial. It would take a bit to learn and get use to. And menu selection is different from 1DMII. 1DMIII is certainly easier and faster than 1DMII. And yes, it is lighter. Not very much though when I had to carry on my shoulder whole this afternoon with a 70-200 2.8L IS and EX580II and another 1DMII with 24-70L and EX580.

Not open for further replies.