17/1 FHM/Playeur/hotstuff/Import rides model in LINGERIE!!

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Dec 19, 2008
i present to you...............NAOMI!

Naomi a very familiar faces in magazines, appear in fhm numerous time and was top ten girl next door . unfortunately due to copy right laws, i cannot post her magazines photos here. but u can always pm me to take a look!

credit to leslie

credit to leslie

credit to lawerence

Time:session 1 : 0900H - 1130H
session 2 : 1230H - 1500H
session 3 : 1530H - 1800H

Number of models: TWO (another model will be present soon with photos that u will expect to achieve when u shoot)

Number of outfit : 2 x lingerie

Equipment provided: VINCE123 is gonna provide me with his studio lights from his studio!
2 500Ws with softbox and radio triggers and etc provided.

Location: In a spacious and pretty CONDOMINIUM!

Suitable for: For those who want to experience shooting fhm model in fhm style!
for those who wana try studio lightings!

Price: 150 for early bird (before 15/1 2359H), 160 for late birds.
10 bucks off for whoever bring a friend
special rate for whoever book a whole session(6 pax)
feedback form will be send to participants email, 5 dollars voucher will be given to those who submit the feedback within a week. =)

No. of participants: 4 to 1 max!

Include your name,email and HP!

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