16 Oct Event - The Risks of Dream Chasing by John Clang, International Photographer


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Oct 4, 2014
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An exclusive event for freelancers in a talk entitled, "The Risks of Dream Chasing" featuring internationally-renowned New York-based Singaporean photographer John Clang.

John will share insights on pursuing one’s passions and taking risks. This is a valuable and exclusive opportunity to get up close with John and learn about his journey of growth from a visual artist to an International photographer. Click here to learn more about the event: http://apps.socialmetric.com/ntuc/johnclang.jpg

The event is on 16 Oct, from 6.30pm-9.00pm, at 1 Marina Boulevard at the NTUC Centre, Room 801.

Register by emailing your interest to freelancers@ntuc.org.sg and Quote ‘Clubsnap sign up for John Clang’s event’


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