09th Aug 2009, Sunday. National Day with Bernice & Marilyn @ $35 (MAX 5:1)

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Jul 20, 2009
:heart: It's Singapore's 44th year of Independence! :heart:

~Enjoy your well-deserved National Holiday with a relaxing morning shoot~

Date: 09th Aug, Sunday

Time: 0900hrs to 1130hrs

Duration: 2 Hours Worth of Snapping, plus a 30 min break and Outfit change

Will be revealed to paid participants.

Outfit: 1 dress + 1 casual

Models: 2

Ratio: 3:1 to start, MAX at 5:1, means more space and more airtime for you!:eek:

Cost: $35,
inclusive of cold drinks to quench your thirst



Credits to Freddy


Credits to Organizer

To register,
1. Feel free to PM me here, or SMS/Call me @ 9731 9470 with your Name, Nick & Mobile Number to reserve a slot for yourself.
2. Payment details will then be sent to you via SMS.
3. Shoot details will be sent to you via SMS after payment is made.
4. Alternatively, you could email me at: The.WorkShopCS@gmail.com

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