“Tohoku: 1 year after” by Relief 2.0

Oct 17, 2008
Relief 2.0, a disaster relief organisation that focus on efficient disaster response and sustainable disaster recovery,
will hold a photo exhibit – “Tohoku: 1 year after” to show the recovery process and share information on the lives of the survivors now and the challenges they face.

Relief 2.0 was in Japan days after the Tsunami on 3.11.11 and now they are focusing on helping the remaining survivors,
and empower them to make a living by helping them sell art and handicrafts.

Kadonowaki Elementary School looks like a burnt out husk.
That is because on the afternoon of the tsunami, the wave smashed a burning house into the school
followed by a couple of burning cars which exploded and caused an inferno to engulf the school.
Luckily it had been evacuated when this occurred.
— in Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi, Japan.

Other than the showcase in Singapore, Relief 2.0 will be running a Art Exhibit in Fukuoka,
Japan in July 2012, and Nobel Laureate, Prof. Mohd Yunus
will be attending and Grameen Creative Labs will be
their event partner for the Japan showcase.

A year ago, a ship that lay in the middle of the road. Before & After

A year ago...


This exhibition will be sharing the situation on the ground in the disaster areas in the Tohoku region of Japan,
and possibly sell some photos to raise funds to buy in the handicrafts for another art exhibition to rise more
fund for the survivors in need.

Opening hours: Saturday 4 - 8pm and Sunday 1 - 8pm
Location: The Hub Singapore, 113 Somerset Road
Website: Relief 2.0 | collaborative disaster recovery with dignity,<br>inclusion, generation and distribution of wealth

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Oct 17, 2008
There will be many "Before & After" photos of the Tsunami aftermath, they tried to shoot the same area at the same spot so as to better document & show us the recovery process.

Do drop by if you are in city area, since the location is so central.
At "The Hub Singapore", 113 Somerset Road

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