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Nov 7, 2004
Venue : One On The Bund, Fullerton Bay Hotel
Date : 11 March 2012
Time : 12pm - 5pm

RSVP : http://www.facebook.com/events/254551481292956/

One year after the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011, Viva Japan wishes to show our appreciation for all the financial and material support from Singaporeans through a series of photography exhibits, art workshops and celebrity chefs providing a unique TAKIDASHI food service experience.

TAKIDASHI, loosely translated “cook & give”, is an act of love and public service through the giving of home-cooked food to people in need. We wish very much for people around the world to own the term „TAKIDASHI‟ in their daily lingo to represent the gift of love through food in difficult times.

Venue host owner Calvin YEUNG of One On The Bund will collaborate with sushi master Yousuke IMADA of Kyubei and various celebrity chefs who resided in Tohoku; CHONG Kwek Leong, Carrie CHEN of Tea Bone Zen Mind and Ryuta TOMONAGA special guest chef from the Tohoku area, to serve you a series of food items representing the TAKIDASHI food service.

It is our wish that the TAKIDASHI food service will be both socially and culturally educational for everyone to understand the types of food that served during the disaster period in an interesting approach.

New York based celebrity photographer Junichi TAKAHASHI and international journalist Mathias Heng (Singaporean) depicts Japanese citizens in their post disaster progress, learning to love their family and friends at a deeper level and also develop a stronger sense of purpose in life; all these in a series of compelling photography.

Theme park mural artist, Sato TAKESHI, has used the sale of his works to help the needy and helped calm many restless children who were indoor-bound during the disaster by holding workshops to encourage and boost their morale. Takeshi san will be hosting a few workshops on-location.

Walt Disney World candy artist, Candy Miyuki will also be sharing some of her beautiful candy works which she used to cheer citizens with in the Tohoku area.

Oct 17, 2008
1 year since Fukushima.
wonder how the survivors dealing with the rebuilding of their homes...

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