1. Q

    Film scanning services (35mm and 120 film)

    QUADRETTO COLLECTION is currently offering film scanning services for 35mm and 120 format film! Scanner: Plustek Opticfilm 120 Optical resolution: 5,300ppi Max resolution: 10,600ppi Effective resolution: 3,250ppi (Epson V800 has an effective resolution of 2,300ppi) Meetups only @ Bukit...
  2. xiaosinful

    Canon DLSR servicing

    Hi all, I am wondering if any of you guys brought your canon DSLR into canon service center for servicing(I.E cleaning of camera sensor) from the site seems like there are a few services for DSLR which are as follows: Check shutter count for EOS DSLR cameras $21.40 D-SLR, Mirror Less...
  3. seantan31

    Simple solutions for your photography or videography project!

    Need something simple and easy to manage? I'm your guy! View my portfolio at Contact me at or at +65 81885101.