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    Affordable Camera Equipment and Photo Studio Rental | JustRentLah

    Hello Clubsnappers We would like to inform you that JustRentLah is now open for business! Feed your passion without starving your wallet by renting camera equipment for any occasion at a fraction of the purchase cost. Give yourself the freedom of choice #whybuyjustrentlah ! ---- Rent now with...
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    Looking for Godox AD600 or Godox studio strobes for rental

    Hello all, I'm looking to rent a couple of Godox AD 600B (or BMs) for an upcoming photo shoot. Alternatively, I don't mind using QTII, QSII, SKII series studio strobes as well. If you have any of these lights and don't mind renting them out for 4-5 days, please PM me. Rental rates are...
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    Looking to Rent Godox AD600 (BM or Pro) and an Assistant

    Hello everyone. I'm flying in to Singapore for a shoot on December 5-7. I was looking to rent out the following for a shoot on December 6: Godox AD600 BM or Pro (2 units) Light Stand (2 units) Godox Trigger for Fujifilm (1 unit) White Umbrella M (2 units) Reflector/Dish (1 unit) Octa Softbox...