1. black and white fashion portrait

    black and white fashion portrait

    black and white, fashion, portrait
  2. Patience


    If you like this, please visit my website at www.kentleejoon.weebly.com Have a great day!
  3. Younhi1b.jpg


    test2. No enhanced anything or edit, here except snow effect. It's called settings + lightings magic lah (shot in f1.2, HSS flash, etc)
  4. Younhi2a.jpg


  5. Kevin Ho

    Kevin Ho Studios | Photography & Videography | One stop Solution

    At Kevin Ho studios, We provide a one stop solution for both your photo & video needs. We also have make-up artist partners. Invest in a good photographer & videographer, Because your memories deserve the best. "Photos & Videos are return tickets to moments & memories that are...
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