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  1. studioarcusiris

    Studio Arcus Iris : Introduction to Basic Studio Photography

    Studio Arcus Iris is planning to hold a half day basic introduction to studio photography on the 4th of April 2020 ( Saturday ) from 2 – 6pm. We are excited to have Shirley Zhong, [ ] to be teaching this short class. As a studio with Cosplay themes, there will be a Cosplay...
  2. J

    JustRentLah | Rent Camera, Lenses, Drones and Photo Studio

    Hello Clubsnappers We would like to inform you that JustRentLah is now open for business! Feed your passion without starving your wallet by renting camera equipment for any occasion at a fraction of the purchase cost. Give yourself the freedom of choice #whybuyjustrentlah ! ---- Rent now with...