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    Baby birthday party + family outdoor portrait photography promotion!

    Need to record all the memories of your baby's first party? Thinking of a souvenir that is meaningful for your guest to bring home? Wish to have a straight forward service provider to do all that? Contact me and I will take care of all your family photography needs! Enjoy the special rate for...
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    X EDITION 2018 - Asia’s Largest Photography Hotel Art Fair

    About X EDITION X EDITION 2018 - Asia’s Largest Photography Hotel Art Fair, is an art fair designed to showcase the vibrant culture and diversity of visual arts globally. Bringing together the world's leading art galleries and international photo artists in the luxurious setting of Regent...
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    < < MODELinn Blonde Supermodel Event 04,05 Aug > >

    Hi everybody, I will be organising some fashion style group photography sessions, featuring Supermodel, Christina on 4,5 Aug. Do register with MODELinn now if dun want to miss it. Details 4 Aug(Sat) ‎ 8.30am - 10.45am (Outdoor Fashion) $99 4.45pm - 7pm (Outdoor Sunset Fashion) $105 5...