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model photoshoot

  1. Enfocar

    亮丽の外拍 - Sexy Fashion Shoot with Tracy (28th July, Saturday)

    EnFocar Concept Proudly Presents Photo Credit to John NKT We will be featuring beautiful Tracy for this upcoming shoot. Max 6 photographers per session Min 3 photographers to confirm shoot Only 1 session! Date: 28th Jul, Saturday Time: 9am - 11am Theme: Sexy Fashion Fee: $60/pax To...
  2. Sandra1bw


  3. P

    15 Jun 2018 (Hari Raya). Street Fashion Shoot with Pretty 21 Year Old SG Girl

    Hi all, I'm organizing my first shoot with local models. These models are young Singaporean girls (between 18 - 21) experienced in modelling. Currently I have engaged one model and would do more next time if the response is good. Theme: Street Fashion Date: 15 Jun 2018, Friday (Hari Raya...
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