1. Studio Rental House

    Photo & Video Rental Place - Studio Rental House

    Hello all clubsnapperrrrss! We are Studio Rental House, which just opened recently for business. If you are looking for a photography and also videography space for rental that is well equipped, fits under a certain budget, look no further. ( Maybe far for some, sorry ah! ) Our Studio is...
  2. M

    WTSell: Video Accessories - Other Lume Cube Lighting & Accessories

    Classifieds Type: WTSell Equipment Type: Video Accessories Brand: Other Short Description: Lume Cube Lighting & Accessories Price (S$): 310 Condition of Item(s): 7 Detailed Description: Product Features: • Durable Aluminium Housing • 6000K Color Temperature • 1 to 1500 Lumen...
  3. T

    Profoto Set

    Selling profoto B1 setup way lower than retail price!! Plus seldom used! Full set of B1 location kit. - $3600 (retail $5990), Had 2 location kits. Now left with just 1! Air TTL Remote - $470 (Retail: $587) Profoto Speed Ring - $130 each (2 available) Retail $200 each Profoto 1 X 3 Softbox...