1. R

    Fireworks - NewYear 2019

  2. macVince

    NDP 2018 Rehearsal Fireworks (21 Jul 2018)

    National Day Parade Rehearsal Fireworks. I've gone missing from ClubSNAP for almost a year; just got my verification done. Nice new interface; very nice! Congrats! Admins. NDP 2018 Rehearsal Fireworks (21st July) by macVince VSSChang, on Flickr NDP 2018 Rehearsal Fireworks (21st July) by...
  3. T

    National Day Parade Rehearsals 2018 (with timings)

    Took a look at the National Day Parade rehearsals the past few weeks, just sharing some shots and the latest timings of what you can see outside of the spectator stands of Float @ Marina Bay. 5.44pm - host arriving on stage by boat 5.45pm - coloured smoke burst from stage fireworks platform...