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    ZEISS Photography Award 2019

    ZEISS Photography Award 2019 Theme: "Seeing Beyond – The Unexpected " Deadline: 8 Feb #2019. Details -
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    Hamdan International Photography Award 2018-2019

    Hamdan International Photography Award 2018-2019 The main theme of the 8th edition is #Hope With 3 secondary categories - General, Portfolio and the Aerial Photography (Video). The General Category will have two sub categories “Colour” and “ Black and White” Participants are allowed to submit...
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    14th SAFRA Photographer of the Year award

    14th SAFRA Photographer of the Year award. Organised by SAFRA Photographic Club Submit your photos according to the theme of the month and stand to win attractive prizes. Choose 4 photos from any of the 6 month's submitted photos to form a set for the final submission to win the 14th SAFRA...
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    Tampines Photography Contest 2018

    Tampines Town Council’s Photo Contest is baaaack! And this year’s theme, Faces of Tampines, celebrates the unsung heroes of Tampines that has made a difference in your life, or the community. Whether they’re a family member, a friend, your neighbour’s acquaintance or a group of enthusiasts...
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    Sony World Photography Awards 2019

    Entries for the 12 edition of the Sony World Photography Awards are now open. It's free to enter for all photographers worldwide. Choose between 4 competition categories: Professional - outstanding bodies of work between 5-10 images across ten categories Open - rewarding the world’s best...
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    PictureTogether2018: Collective Photo/Video Competition

    PICTURETOGETHER Come and showcase the power of WE with Singapore's first collective photography and video competition! Register at for your three random themes today and submit before 15th July 2018 to stand a chance at winning one of 115 prizes worth over $14k! This year...
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    The Environmental Photographer of the Year Competition (Deadline: 31 July 2018)

    The Environmental #Photographer of the Year Competition Organised by #CIWEM (The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management) #UK - Seek #photos which inspire the viewer to think differently about contemporary #social and #environmental issues, and most importantly to consider...
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    New Cosmos Of Photography 写真新世紀 2018

    New Cosmos Of Photography #写真新世紀 #2018 - Canon Imaging Asia's 41st Annual #OpenCall For International #Photographers Pursuing New Possibilities In Creative #Photographic Expression - For Both Still Images and #Videos/#Movies. There is no restriction on the number of elements or items that make...
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