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    Hi there! My name is Joel and I'm a freelance photographer! If you're looking for someone who has experience in photography and event shooting, then you've come to the right place!! My rates are $60/hr (min 2 hours)! For pictures that I have shot before, please do visit my Instagram account...
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    Baby birthday party + family outdoor portrait photography promotion!

    Need to record all the memories of your baby's first party? Thinking of a souvenir that is meaningful for your guest to bring home? Wish to have a straight forward service provider to do all that? Contact me and I will take care of all your family photography needs! Enjoy the special rate for...
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    The Artsy Lens Photography - Events - Corporate - Businesses

    Welcome to The Artsy Lens thread. Hope you will find the photography service you need. The Artsy Lens brings you the memories you will love to see, to reminisce and for generations to enjoy. The photographer aims to capture your finest, happiest, full of emotions moments on your big day, or the...
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    Wphoto | Event Photography | Singapore.

    Event photographer Singapore. 8 years as a freelance photographer. visit >> Corporate | Birthdays | Government | Private Contact : | 93258277 | FACEBOOK