1. mrjester

    Photography Assistant Wanted CBD 20th Jan

    Simple help needed on site for 2-3 hours. $25/hour 10am call time.
  2. silverskye787

    Videography assistant (Student, Fresh grad may apply)

    Good day, We are a small company, and is currently looking for videography assistant for mostly wedding shoots over the weekends. If you interested in being the 2nd shooter do drop me a note too. Job Description: To assist the videographer throughout the whole wedding shoot. To do setting...
  3. T

    Freelance photography assistant wanted

    Looking for freelance assistant in Still Photography/simple video shoots. *Not Fulltime. My shoots are mostly portraits, products, lifestyle & fashion. A mixture of indoor & outdoor. Priority will be given to assistants with experience that has assist before in tethered commercial photo...
  4. V

    Photographer's Assistant ( Commercial )

    Looking for freelance Full Time assistant in Still Photography but will be a plus with knowledge in Motion Photography (or Video )as well. Pays between $70 ~ $ 150 per day or between $40 ~ $80 half day depending on your experience. A short interview in my studio is good to determine skill set...