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  1. J

    Joseph Li Photography | 9 Years Experience

    Joseph has been shooting for 9 years and is a former school and documentary photographer. He is passionate and specialises in Wedding, Events and Lifestyle photography. Kodak recently ran a feature which highlighted his wedding photography works and views on this art form. To view more of his...
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  11. wlxphoto

    Wonderful Lights Photography | Wedding Photography in vibrant color!

    Hi everyone. My name is Timothy. I am a freelance photographer. I have been a photographer for almost 10 years. I started out with landscape and city-scape photography. My photography style has always been bringing colors out from my photographs, capturing and producing works that showcase...
  12. Kevin Ho

    Kevin Ho Studios | Photography & Videography | One stop Solution

    At Kevin Ho studios, We provide a one stop solution for both your photo & video needs. We also have make-up artist partners. Invest in a good photographer & videographer, Because your memories deserve the best. "Photos & Videos are return tickets to moments & memories that are...